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Topic: DOGO News Blog

Date: 03/28/2012

By: Taylor

Subject: Grandma goes paragliding

The authors purpose is to inform you about a 101 year old grandma who went paragliding for her 101 birthday.

Date: 03/28/2012

By: kate

Subject: the old 101 year grandmother

the garndmother is cool but that was different at least she is active and probely helthy so that is good for her. awsom!!!!

Date: 03/28/2012

By: devin

Subject: Re: 101 grandmother Flying

yay thats the stuff!

Date: 03/28/2012

By: Raven White

Subject: Grandmas 101st bday

I think it`s the authors purpose is to entertain and inform because its telling how an old women went peragliding and it`s entertaining you by telling that an old woman went up in the sky then come down if an old lady can do it then anyone can.

Date: 03/28/2012

By: Zayne Penn

Subject: 101 year old ladie

The auther is trying to entertain you and persuade you to do something amazing.

Date: 03/28/2012

By: andrue

Subject: Re: 101 year old ladie

that a good choise.

Date: 03/28/2012

By: Amari P. George

Subject: Re: 101 year old ladie


Date: 03/28/2012

By: Kody Centers

Subject: Great Great Grandma Celabrates 101st Birthday!

I think the authors purpose was Informative, cause that I think it is very Imformative so that we know about this amazing story. Who knew this would happen? I thought this would never happen. God Bless this daredevil Grandma!

Date: 03/28/2012

By: andrue bolen

Subject: 101 year old grammy

I whish my mama could do that.

Date: 03/28/2012

By: Isaiah Osborne:)

Subject: Re: 101 year old grammy

U spelled wish wrong and yeah I want her in my family too!!!!!!!!

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